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Dog Health: Vaccinations

We know that you care for your dog and want to ensure that they remain happy and healthy and will do all that you can to achieve this.

One way you can help to ensure that your dog is protected from infectious diseases is to ensure that they are vaccinated regularly throughout their life.

Dogs are vaccinated routinely in this country for the diseases listed below:

A full booster is given in the first year and then every third year. Small boosters are given in the second and third years.

The vaccines can be started from eight weeks of age and puppies require two vaccines two weeks apart from the initial course. Following this, annual boosters are required. Do not let it lapse for more than six months or you will need to restart the vaccination course.

Dogs can also be vaccinated for kennel cough. This is given as drops into the nostril and lasts for one year. This can be started from three weeks of age but is often done just before going into kennels and should be given at least three days before going into kennels. It is cheaper if done with a yearly booster.