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Cat Health: Vaccinations

We know that you care for your cat and want to ensure that they remain healthy throughout their life and that you will do all you can to achieve this.

One way you can help to ensure that your cat is protected from infectious diseases is to ensure that they are vaccinated regularly throughout their life.

Cats are vaccinated routinely for cat flu, feline enteritis and feline leukaemia. If you let the booster lapse for more than three months you will need to restart the vaccination course for feline leukaemia. If the booster lapses for six months for flu and enteritis you will need to restart this course.

The initial course is two injections which can be started from nine weeks of age, with the second injection given three weeks after the first.

Indoor cats may not need the feline leukaemia vaccination. Owners for whom finance is an issue may choose not to protect their cat against this disease, however, it is a fatal disease so we do strongly recommend the vaccination is given where possible.