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Cat Health: Routine Worming

The most common worms that infest our pet cats are roundworms and tapeworms but some cats may also need treatment for hookworm and heartworm. Most of these only affect the health of your cat but the roundworm Toxocara is known to be a human health hazard.

Worm treatments which we prescribe are effective in killing worms that are infesting your cat but do not prevent your cat picking up new infestations. The recommended interval between worming doses is based on the likelihood of your cat becoming re-infested.

We will discuss your cat's lifestyle and diet and take into account its age when recommending how frequently you should worm your cat. This will probably be somewhere between once a month and once a year.

All kittens should be wormed at the age when they come for their first vaccination (nine weeks old). Adult cats should be wormed regularly throughout their life.

If you find it difficult to get your cat to swallow a worm tablet, don't despair. We can now prescribe tasty tablets that most cats will eat. If you would like to make an appointment to bring your cat to us, one of our veterinary team will be happy to pop a tablet down for you (no extra charge).

Alternatively, we can prescribe a spot-on wormer that treats both tape and roundworm so you only have to stress your cat out with a cat basket once a year for its booster and health check!