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Travel Abroad and Rabies Vaccinations

The UK is at present free from rabies so we do not routinely vaccinate against rabies, however, pets that are going to travel abroad may be vaccinated.

Dogs and cats may be taken to various other countries under the government's Pets Scheme. Preparations need to be started at least eight months before you intend to travel. They include micro-chipping, a single rabies vaccination and a blood test. If the blood test is satisfactory, we will issue your dog/cat with a pet passport which permits you to travel to and from Europe with your dog/cat but you are not allowed to re-enter the UK before six months after the date of the blood test. There are additional requirements involving worming and tick treatment before your dog re-enters the UK. Rabies booster vaccinations are required every three years.

The CornYard Veterinary Centre can advise you about other disease risks in countries you may visit including in other European countries.