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Caring for your pets 24 hours a day
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The CornYard Team

Veterinary Surgeon


Sue graduated from Glasgow University Veterinary School in 1979. She started the CornYard Veterinary Centre in 2007 to provide high quality care for pets and their owners. She likes to work in partnership with owners to find the best solution for their pet whatever their problem..

Client & Pet Care

Our nursing and client care team welcome you on the phone or in person.

They are always happy to help you with any queries or if your pet needs to see the vet.

They look after your pet if they need to stay in hospital, keeping them comfortable,

clean, warm, fed, medicated and cuddled.

They assist the vets with anaesthetics, operations, Xrays, scans, bloods tests,

intravenous fluids (drips) and dental procedures.